The biomethane from dry biomass-to-gas

A green gas produced from wood, straws, by-products derived from paper manufacturers, etc.

The energy transition

A draft law and a goal in progress

The Gaya platform

The construction site is underway in Saint-Fons

    The H&S Officer for the Gaya project

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    Gaya in Saint-Fons: an economic development or a sustainable development project?

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    Why did you agree to sponsor the Project?

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    Evolution construction site

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    How is the Gaya project contributing to changes in Chemical Valley?

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    What structures did you put in place to ensure the success of this project?

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    27 jan2016

    BIOGAS EUROPE: The biogas reference event

    Gaya will be present at “salon Biogaz Europe” on the 27 and 28 january 2016 in Nantes (Hall XXL, Stand C18).

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    Gaya wishes you a Merry Christmas

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    What do you expect from your teams on site?

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    In what way is this site a pioneer in Chemical Valley?

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    La Vendée va tester un autocar au bio-méthane

    Published on 06 mai 2015

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    What makes this project unique, in your view?