French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME)

The Gaya Project was selected as part of ADEME’s Call for Expressions of Interest in “Second Generation Biofuels”, which was issued by the Demonstration Fund, a fund created by the Grenelle Environmental Round Table that has been entrusted to ADEME. Accordingly, ADEME is providing €19 million in funding to the Gaya Project.

ADEME is a public, industrial and commercial institution, for which three French ministries are responsible:
1 – the Ministry of the Environment, Sustainable Development, and Energy;
2 – the Ministry of Higher Education and Research;
3 – the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry.

ADEME’s remit is to support the implementation of government policies in the environmental, energy and sustainable development fields. It takes part in the funding of projects launched by companies, local authorities, government authorities, and the general public, from the research to the implementation stage.